Understanding Cubic-Bezier Curve with help of Polynomial

understanding Cubic-Bezier curve
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PS: If the image above doesn’t open in good resolution, refresh the page again. It must be a good resolution if it is not good, it must be 😛

Here, I am not trying to give a basic and advanced concept of the Bezier Curve.
I was just revisiting the bezier curve myself so this is what I got into my board in process of learning and thought of sharing here.

This is a note for me as well as for anyone who can correlate what I have written.

If you find this useful, you are welcome and if you did not, thanks for visiting.

Meanwhile, If you found this helpful, wait for the derivate of the cubic-bezier curve which is way interesting !!!!!!

If you have any doubt regarding anything that I have on my board just find me on the internet and message me or comment here (the first one might be more prompt).

Have a good day and wish you good luck in understanding this magic !!!


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